Woman claims she was fired in retaliation by Texas school
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Woman claims she was fired in retaliation by Texas school

| Dec 27, 2013 | Wrongful Termination

If you work hard at your job, the thought of a wrongful termination probably makes you upset. In this case, an employee from Texas has claimed that retaliation is a cause of her termination from Lamar State University. According to the woman, she was the associate vice president of finance for the university, and she authored a report that criticized the university’s spending habits. She claims she lost her job because of that report, which was highly publicized.

The woman filed a lawsuit against the school, the Texas State University System, and the then-president of the school. Initially, the University claimed that the woman had not been fired, and so the case was dismissed. However, the woman then filed an appeal in which she claimed that the president of Lamar University forced her out of her position. She is now asking the court to reinstate her to her former position of associate vice president and as a controller, and she would also like an injunction against the school which would prohibit it from retaliating further against her.

The woman is also seeking compensation including back and front pay, her attorney fees, costs, and other fees. It’s not clear why the school would have said she was still holding a position there if she was not any longer, or why that wouldn’t have been clear to the courts.

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you may feel that you have no options. That isn’t the case. An attorney may be able to help you get your job back, or you may want to seek compensation and damages from your employer.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Lamar employee appeals university’s plea to the jurisdiction win” David Yates, Dec. 19, 2013