Law officer sued over alleged sexual harassment
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Law officer sued over alleged sexual harassment

| Nov 29, 2013 | Sexual Harassment

San Antonio readers know that sexual harassment is serious, and it has no place in the workplace or in any other situation. In the news from Nov. 27, one southwestern Illinois sheriff has been sued over alleged sexual harassment. According to his former secretary, the sheriff violated her civil rights by harassing her at work.

According to the news, the lawsuit was filed on the woman’s behalf in the federal court in East St. Louis. The woman is allegedly seeking $4 million in damages from the sheriff and Madison County, Illinois. The sheriff stated that he wasn’t at all surprised about the lawsuit, and he claims that her story will be vetted in court. The woman is claiming that the sheriff engaged her in a pattern of abusive behavior, as well as inappropriate behavior at her work.

The woman filed the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, according to the news. In her complaint, she explained the reason for suing the sheriff and county. The complaint states that the man followed her during her lunch hour, threatened her job directly and even tried to question her character and morals while she was working with him.

Sexual harassment creates a bad work environment that isn’t beneficial to anyone. It creates a hostile environment where you might not want to go during the day, and it could make it harder to focus on work. If you’ve been dealing with sexual harassment, know that your workplace shouldn’t be a place where you have to worry about abuse or unwanted sexual advances. You may want to talk to an attorney about your rights if you feel they have been violated, because damages for these kinds of claims can be high. This can often mean that employers may want to protect someone, even if they’ve been doing something wrong.

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