2 may be released from sexual harassment lawsuit
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2 may be released from sexual harassment lawsuit

| Nov 22, 2013 | Sexual Harassment

San Antonio readers should be aware that sexual harassment is a serious crime, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. In the workplace or in public, sexual harassment can be demeaning, cruel and frightening for victims.

If you’ve followed the latest national news, a Nov. 18 report has stated that a judge in Kentucky might decide to dismiss two defendants in a lawsuit over sexual harassment. Right now, the state and the House Speaker Greg Stumbo have been charged in the case, and both are defendants. But, the judge has said that he may decide if he wants to drop the two from the case as early as the week of Nov. 25.

The case allegedly involves the former Democratic State Representative John Arnold, and it has been alleged that he was sexually harassing at least two of the legislative staffers. The two staff members filed sexual harassment complaints against the man, and now he and the Legislative Research Commission, along with the other two defendants who have not yet been dismissed, are fighting the complaints in the form of a lawsuit.

It has been stated that the former Representative has denied all the allegations against him, but even though that was the case, he resigned not long after the allegations were made. The House of Representatives investigative committee is believed to be looking into the accusations, and if they are found to be true, the man can be fined or reprimanded. This may be done in addition to any punishments doled out by the courts.

If you’ve been harassed at work, school, home or in public, you deserve to be treated with more respect than you’ve had. Filing a complaint is just one way to start getting the justice you want to see take place, and it will be one step toward righting a wrong.

Source:  My San Antonio, “Wingate to rule soon in sexual harassment case” No Author Given, Nov. 18, 2013