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November 2013 Archives

Law officer sued over alleged sexual harassment

San Antonio readers know that sexual harassment is serious, and it has no place in the workplace or in any other situation. In the news from Nov. 27, one southwestern Illinois sheriff has been sued over alleged sexual harassment. According to his former secretary, the sheriff violated her civil rights by harassing her at work.

Company moves forward with wrongful termination suit

San Antonio readers might be interested to know that wrongful termination doesn't only happen to individuals. According to recent news reports, the wrongful termination of a Maryland company from a Louisiana-based $200-million Medicaid contract has caused a stir. The Baton Rouge judge presiding over the case has now said the company may continue its wrongful termination case against the governor of the state, Bobby Jindal, and his administration.

Should workers be paid for time spent putting on safety gear?

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently mulling over a very important employment law decision that could affect the paychecks of many people in Texas. The court has been asked to decide whether workers who wear certain types of protextive gear on the job should be paid for the time spent changing in and out of such gear.