Dayton welder sues Texas employer for sexual harassment
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Dayton welder sues Texas employer for sexual harassment

| Oct 14, 2013 | Sexual Harassment

Texas residents should not have to experience sexual harassment on the job. In fact, this was outlawed long ago, and employers that harass employees – or that allow employees to harass their co-workers – should be held responsible under the law. Unfortunately, many employers are not held accountable because the victims of sexual harassment are afraid to come forward.

A Dayton, Texas, woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming that she was harassed on the basis of her gender. She has stated that she tolerated the harassment for some time because she was afraid of losing her job.

The woman’s husband was aware of the harassment, according to the lawsuit, and he was also afraid of coming forward for fear of losing his job.

According to the lawsuit, the woman worked or Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives INOX/CVA as a welder from February 2011 to May 2012. During this time, she says she was discriminated against by her supervisers, who spoke to her using unwelcome sexual language.

The woman complained to the human resources department, which then failed to step in to put an end to the harassment, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit does not specify whether the woman ultimately quit her job or whether she was fired.

People should not have to fear reporting sexual harassment. Taking adverse action against an employee for reporting sexual harassment or discrimination is illegal, however, some employers do retaliate against employees who report such actions. Those who are being harassed in the workplace may want to seek legal counsel regarding their rights to file a complaint and end the illegal treatment.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Female welder brings sexual discrimination lawsuit against former employer,” John Suayan, Sept. 16, 2013