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July 2013 Archives

Former Texas Frito-Lay worker sues company for age discrimination

Texas residents are protected from experiencing age discrimination on the job by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This law prohibits employers from discriminating against workers who are 40 or older. This means that employers cannot legally treat an employee or an applicant less favorably because he or she is over the age of 40.

Should large employers be required to pay higher wages?

While several states have recently raised minimum wages, and there has also been discussion of increasing the federal minimum wage, wage law has not changed in Texas. As it stands, the minimum wage in Texas is tied to the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour for just about all workers, except those who receive tips.

Study says pregnant workers face discrimination frequently

As we have discussed several times in this San Antonio Employment Law Blog, employers cannot legally fire or refuse to hire an employee because she is pregnant. In a number of cases, employers might even be required to make reasonable accommodations for a worker due to a pregnancy-related condition. A recent report, however, suggests that a number of employers are violating federal employment law when it comes to the treatment of pregnant women.

Supreme Court limits employer liability in harassment cases

Late last month, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a very controversial employment law decision that will effect the rights of employees here in San Antonio. The decision pertains to harassment cases, and it will make it more difficult for employees to hold their employers accountable when they are harassed by their managers.