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October 2012 Archives

In Texas, can you be fired for Facebook posts?

The digital age has rapidly ushered in a complicated array of employment law questions. Do hiring managers have a right to judge job applicants based on their Facebook profiles? Can they go so far as to ask applicants for their social media passwords? Can workers be fired for sending personal emails or Tweets during working hours? Can an employee be retaliated against for gossiping or venting about his or her co-workers or supervisor online?

Will Halliburton VP be fired for prostitution arrest in Texas?

Ever since a senior vice president of Halliburton Co. was arrested on a prostitution charge last week, many people have been speculating about what the arrest means for his future with the Texas oilfield services company.

Will court approve Texas company's pension freeze?

In Texas and throughout the country, employee benefits including pension plans are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. When a company makes a change to its benefits offerings or administration, it must make sure its policies all comply with ERISA. And, when an employee is denied insurance or other benefits, they may often file an ERISA claim.

Former Alamo spokesman accuses Daughters of Texas of harassment

When people hear about a sexual harassment case, they often assume that a woman is making a complaint about being harassed by a man. However, sometimes it is a man who was harassed. Sexual harassment happens to both genders and is committed by both genders, and regardless of who is on what side of harassment, victims of harassment should never feel ashamed about coming forward.