Manager files sexual harassment claim against major school district
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Manager files sexual harassment claim against major school district

| Aug 10, 2012 | Uncategorized

Typically, when Texas residents think of sexual harassment, they may assume that a female employee has suffered at the hands of a male management figure. It is important to remember that men can also be the subject of sexual harassment — and not just by female co-workers, either.

This is why we thought it was important to discuss the recent sexual harassment lawsuit filed by an employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District. In that case, a 56-year-old male who was employed as the leasing and asset manager for the school district filed a lawsuit against his superior and the second-largest school system in the United States.

According to the lawsuit, the employee says that he was subjected to alleged unwanted sexual encounters with the superintendent of the school system, an 80-year-old male. The superintendent denies the sexual harassment claims, but does admit to engaging in consensual adult behavior with the employee on one occasion back in 2010.

The employee and the school district did attempt to reach a settlement agreement regarding the sexual harassment claims. According to the settlement terms, the employee was to receive $200,000, in addition to lifetime health benefits. However, the employee did not sign the agreement once his identity, the settlement terms and the details of the sexual encounters were released to the public.

In addition to the sexual harassment lawsuit he filed against his boss, the employee also filed a lawsuit against the school district for violating his right to privacy, placing him in a false light and defamation for publicly disclosing his identity, the nature of the sexual harassment and discrimination allegations.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “LAUSD employee files sexual harassment claim,” Aug. 5, 2012